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Data Processing & Analytics

The question concerning the possibility of efficient data processing and the use of electronically collected information has led to a staggering number of different systems, technologies, methods and standards. In its function as the central nervous systems of a company, data warehousing and business intelligence represent a connection between data quantity and quality of information and are essential for making business decisions.

Originally, the possibilities of data analysis systems have been limited due to technical limitations. Nowadays IT systems are considerably more powerful. Through that the challenges in the context of dynamic market developments and shrinking IT budgets have shifted to dealing with ever growing amounts of data. Moreover, today’s data warehouse and business intelligence projects are further developments of existing data analyzes during normal operation in most of the cases. Therefore, clearly defined objectives, mature operational concepts and modular data processing strands are becoming increasingly important.

As a supplier of complete solutions from one hand or as a theme-based consultant we help you in dealing with the increasing expectations and demands on your data warehousing and business intelligence systems. Our service portfolio covers the entire bandwidth of your information management – from the development of your information requirements up to data acquisition and the support of existing environments.

Data-Warehousing & Business Intelligence

The need for reliable information on economic aspects and on the degree of fulfillment of corporate objectives leads in most of the projects dealing with data collection and data analysis to comparable initial situation. In the concrete implementation of these projects, however, company-specific priorities, budget constraints and general conditions make different approaches and system architectures necessary.

Our “dual role” as a business consultant and technical service provider particularly comes into play at the data warehouse and business intelligence projects supported by us.

We support you at:

  • Requirements analysis and project management
  • Development of concepts for data processing and BI-portals
  • Tool evaluation and selection of suitable software products
  • Implementation of ETL-processes
  • Data visualization using meaningful reports
  • Setup of test environments and test execution
  • Optimization of existing BI-applications

Because data warehouse and business intelligence projects are extremely complex, we invite you for a personal conversation to discuss your BI strategies.

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