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Medical Solutions

addresses the needs of healthcare facilities in terms of IT systems and their far-reaching impact on medical processes. We consider all processes taking place in a hospital or practice as a whole and are constantly striving to provide appropriate technical solutions for health care professionals to support them in their responsible occupation.

The versatile opportunities of a functioning IT infrastructure – which can increase the efficiency and quality of medical care – arise at a very early stage. The starting point is in many cases before the actual patient admission, as referrals, previous findings and information about the patient will be provided in electronic form. Ideally, the transmitted data should be transferred to your medical IT systems for further use without loss of information and manual intervention. This should enable a professional patient care from admission to discharge and beyond.

What we offer

In our role as a business consultant and technical service provider we help you

  • to standardize your workflow,
  • to implement an integrated medical workflow,
  • to establish a seamless integration of your IT systems and to exploit technical opportunities as well as
  • to make full use of your valuable data.
More about our portfolio
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