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Healthcare Solutions

Integrated medical information systems are the backbone of any modern health facility! In this area a number of different systems with a wealth of powerful features are offered by manufacturers. Especially when equipping young medical organizations completely, the portfolio of a manufacturer usually covers most of the expectations. However, over time it is typically necessary to adapt the clinical service portfolio and to deal with the associated changes in the requirements.

The subsequent extensions of the system environment are rarely smooth. Apart from possible data migrations these often lead to difficulties in taking over already established medical workflows. System extensions and upgrades are particularly problematic if examination and treatment devices from different manufacturers are used. With each manufacturer new information systems will be added to the existing IT environment, making high integration costs arise.

As a manufacturer-independent IT service company we can help you in an objective manner in the planning, commissioning and amendment of your medical information systems. We accompany you in all phases of your IT projects: We support you in the requirement analysis, help you with system purchases and invitation to tenders, supervise migration projects and develop individual software solutions and multi-vendor interfaces.


The topic of system customization is handled differently by manufacturers. Because of possible complications when upgrading, usually every manufacturer strives for the lowest possible changes in his view of the ideal medical workflow. While some manufacturers show absolutely no flexibility in customizing questions, others are open to wide-ranging system adjustments.

Which approach is better cannot be answered universally. During commissioning of medical information systems, it is rather necessary to find the balance between the consideration of organization-specific needs and feasible technical system changes. The quality of customer advice therefore plays a central role. Only decision makers who understand the impacts of system changes entirely, are open for possible adaptations of the established workflows, which facilitates a smooth upgradeability of the system.

Our contribution starts early and has a modular structure:

  • We analyze and document your medical processes.
  • We support you in specifying your requirements.
  • We plan and manage your IT projects.
  • We carry out customizing measures.
  • We monitor the level of implementation during the commissioning of medical information systems.
  • We help you with complications with suppliers and evaluate errors.


The need for integration of multi-vendor systems and data exchange for medical purposes has been steadily increasing for years. Rightly so, since there are constantly offered new and more powerful examination and treatment equipment and associated new medical information systems on the market.

We would also be happy to support you in the development of new interfaces and in the integration of your individual software solutions into existing system environments. This is particularly relevant if you want to access information that is not transferred from your existing interfaces by default. Using handhelds or tablets, information such as pending examinations or the number of patients in the waiting rooms can be provided through individual interfaces.

Custom Software Solutions

  • Are you missing a useful function in your existing medical information systems?
  • Does your medical workflow show technically induced gaps or unnecessary manual intervention?
  • Do you need a document management system to support your organization and to use it as a knowledge platform?
  • Do you want a professional web appearance?
  • Are all of your systems covered by existing backup and archiving solutions?

No problem! We gladly share our technical know-how and develop individual software solutions and websites for you. Whether these are extensions and customization to your existing standard systems, open source solutions or in-house developments, entirely depends on your requirements. Thanks to our broad portfolio and our experience from various projects we can respond very flexibly to your needs in this area.

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