The STINA Group offers a diversified portfolio to meet all your requirements. Our wide focus makes it possible to take all technologies that are needed for a specific project.

Each company has different focuses – areas where special expertise has been built up and which are at the core of the respective portfolio.

Companies of STINA group are organized a matrix organization, thereby making it possible to always get the right experts for your project. The individual divisions of STINA group (data warehousing, business intelligence, medical and clinical studies, processing of unstructured data, big data, etc.) are reflected in the company’s structure and provide a stable base for projects of different scale and complexity. The technological core of all represented companies is data processing, information management and process optimization. Here an intensive exchange of know-how and resources takes place in order to respond best to technological issues and project-specific challenges. This close cooperation of STINA Business Solutions GmbH, STINA Medical Solutions GmbH and the STINA Technologies d.o.o. is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

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