PR-Emotion Suite

With our PR-Emotion product suite, rich media content like image videos or tv sports can be distributed online with virtually no effort. It is technically independant whether your own website is used for product presentations or whether corporate videos shall be placed on news portals: Our HTML5-based player can be seamlessly integrated into all major platforms.

The PR-Emotion product suite includes various formats. Our products can be customized in many ways to optimize the impact of your video content and to increase the media penetration of promotional activities significantly.


  • Benefit from the latest HTML5 technology
  • Independence in terms of browsers and end devices
  • Use the range of functions of ad servers
  • Integration of own ad servers
  • Preparation and optimization of video content
  • Individualization by numerous parameterized settings
  • Hosting and delivery
  • Get all desired elements from a single source
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